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Estate Planning

Advanced Directives for Medical Decisions

Basic Wills

Basic Wills with Pourover Trusts

Durable Powers of Attorney

Codicils to Previously Executed Wills

Preneed Guardian Forms

Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements

Full and Summary Probate Administration


Estate Planning Intake Form

No one ever wants to think about what happens when their life ceases to exist or when they are unable to make decisions for themselves.  However, it is critical that you take steps in advance to protect your loved ones and your assets.  Be proactive, plan ahead!  Estate planning is not just about Last Wills and Testaments, it is about making sure that if you are incapacitated or gone, the people you want making legal decisions on your behalf, have the authority to do so.  In addition, if you have specific wishes regarding your medical treatment, you need to empower the people that you trust to make those decisions on your behalf when cannot.

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