Was your Application for Naturalization denied?  Do you believe that the Officer made an incorrect decision based on the facts or law in your case?  You have the right to request a hearing before an immigration officer on the denial of your Application for Naturalization.  This is referred to as a request for an N-336 hearing.

This request is similar to an appeal, but not exactly an appeal.  You MUST file your request for a hearing within thirty (30) calendar days of receiving the decision denying your application.

Although an attorney is not required to file a request for an N-336 Hearing, I would heavily encourage you to consider hiring an attorney who can articulate why the officer made the wrong decision in your case through a detailed brief that identifies the error in facts and law.  Courtney Soria has extensive experience with these cases and has had many incorrect decisions overturned.  Do not delay in contact an attorney in these types of cases because all evidence and supporting briefs should be submitted at the same time as the request for hearing.  You want your request to be as strong as possible and you want to give your advocate as much time as possible to put this request together.

Please contact Courtney Soria at 561-318-3600, to review the facts of your case and determine whether you should file a request for hearing on a decision in naturalization proceedings.