If you are interested in an appointment with Soria Law, please fill out the form below, call the office at 561-318-3600, or email, to schedule a consultation.  Our firm is very flexible on meeting times, so evening and weekend appointments may be available.  Please ask when scheduling.

INTAKE FORMS - Save yourself some time by filling out your intake form before you visit the office.

In preparing for the consultation, it is helpful to make sure that you have all of the documents that you need for the meeting.  If you have time prior to the consultation, please take the time to fill out the intake form included on the tab labeled forms above, which may help you decide whether you need to bring an item.  This will make the consultation a more effective meeting.  Please note there is a consultation fee for all meetings.  If you are not sure whether to bring a document, err on the side of caution, and bring it.  We can help filter out what you need at the meeting, but it is better to be over-prepared.   Our goal is to be able to start working on your case the day of the consultation, if possible.

Estate Planning:

In terms of estate planning, you may or may not have documents to bring.  If you have previously executed legal documents reflecting your estate planning wishes, or are currently in a probate or guardianship proceeding,  please bring all relevant documents, including: Last Will & Testament, trust documents, power(s) of attorney, power(s) of appointment, advanced directives, or any filings with the Courts.  Also, bring any available financial statements for items that you want to include in your estate planning or that are the subject of current litigation.


Immigration is a puzzle and it is critical that in reviewing your case, the attorney has all pertinent documents to review.  Many times, you will have a filing deadline and it is important that if you hire Soria Law, we can get to work as quickly as possible.  Depending on whether you are filing for an immigration benefit or are in removal proceedings, some examples of items you should bring include: any applications/petitions that have already been filed on your behalf, with supporting documents; a copy of your permanent resident card; your original passport(s) and any old passports that may have entry/exit stamps in them; work permits; and/or any other correspondence from the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of State, or the Immigration Court. 

If you are, or have been, in removal proceedings, please make sure that you bring a copy of your Notice to Appear and any other documents from the Court, such as hearing notices. 

If you have every been charged or convicted of a crime, in the United States or abroad, please bring any documents you have relating to those charges, even if it seems minor or you pled nolo contendere.  Specifically, please bring all arrest reports, charging documents, and dispositions.

If you plan to proactively apply for a family member, or you are seeking a benefit based on another family member, please bring those documents too, for example: birth certificates, marriage certificates, etc. 

If you are applying for an employment benefit, please bring a copy of your resume, examples of your work, W-2s, offers of employment, etc. 



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